Site Characterization and Implementation of Innovative Sustainable Oyster Systems (SCI2SOS)

Project SCI2SOS is science to the rescue addressing the sustainable supply theme of the DOST CRADLE Challenge. It will help develop a sustainable supply system for oysters anchored on scientific collaboration and partnerships among Higher Education Institution (UP MSI), national agency (BFAR), industry (ASIN or Agriculture Sustainability Initiatives for Nature, Inc.), and the Tayabas fisherfolks community partners of Tambuyog Development Center.

This project is divided into three components, namely (1) roll out and expansion of oyster production using current methods, (2) environmental and ecological characterization of Tayabas bay for sustainable oyster industry, and (3) innovation and transfer of sustainable technology and creation of long-term sustainable livelihood alternatives for Tayabas fisherfolks.

Results of this project will be used to innovating sustainable oyster systems, ensuring long-term impact of the project. This will translate into (1) the creation of additional supply of oysters grown in sustainable way in clean waters which the industry needs, and (2) additional/supplemental livelihood to coastal communities especially after the months long COVID-19 pandemic which affected their existing livelihood.