1. Tambuyog as a dynamic and leading service provider and advocacy center for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operating from the local to the regional level;
  2. Organized fishers, composed of men and women, enjoying exclusive use of fishing grounds with optimum yield from the sustainable utilization of capture fisheries and socially and environmentally responsible aquaculture;
  3. Empowered, prosperous and interdependent coastal communities with options in life
  4. Socially and environmentally responsible and globally competitive fisheries industry that provides socio economic benefits to Filipinos
  5. Government that is responsive, accountable, and effective in environmental management and sustainable fisheries industry development with stakeholder participation; and
  6. Healthy and productive environment

In reformulating its vision, Tambuyog sought to define itself in relation to its principal constituency – small scale fishers and coastal communities – to which it is primarily accountable. Further, it locates itself in a field wherein fishing industry stakeholders and government at various levels are key partners in striving to realize its vision while also affirming its aspiration for a healthy and productive environment.



Lead the advocacy, facilitate mechanisms for and provide services on the enhancement of community property rights, the creation of community-based social enterprises and effective fishery resource governance, integrating gender for the sustainable development of the fishing industry from local up to international level.

Tambuyog sees its mission as that of an advocacy leader, facilitator and service provider on three main areas – institutionalisation of community property rights, development of social enterprises and governance of fisheries resources with gender integration as a cross-cutting concern, all within the context of a sustainable fishing industry.